Aris caves occupies a beautiful space under Oia's main pathway, overlooking the Caldera.


Oia Santorini

Aris Caves is considered to be one of Santorini’s luxurious apartments in Greece and is located within 5 minutes walking distance from the center of Oia village and close to all attractions. In spite of this proximity it remains tranquil and ideal for a romantic stay in Santorini.

Oia Santorini is Greece’s first preserved settlement (since 1976) and certainly Santorini’s most photographed place. Its sunsets have been a source of inspiration for countless artists and its alleys act like magnets inviting you to get lost in its well hidden secrets. Located about 20 minutes drive from Fira, it will captivate you because it’s simply irresistible.

The main street divides it into two regions, the one that overlooks the caldera with the impressive cave buildings and the one filled with majestic captain houses. You should not be surprised by the domes that appear on each corner, as in Oia there are more than 60 churches. At its edge you will see the Castle, part of which has been preserved and offers spectacular views as well as a fascinating journey back in time.

Fira Santorini

Located 12 km from Oia, the ever buzzing Fira is one of the stops that you should definitely make while on the island. Built approximately 260 metres above sea level, it seems to be dressed up in full white, as it hangs over the cliff and draws every visitor’s admiration. Its unique position at the caldera offers breathtaking views of New and Old Kameni, resulting in crowds flocking here all hours of the day.

A large number of stores and shops that have sprung in the streets of the most densely built part of Santorini years ago still stand the test of time. The starting point of your walk will be the main Theotokopoulou square which has many cafe bars. A little further down, you will find a road full of luxury jewellery shops inviting you for a multi carat experience! Indulge in the charm of beautiful streets and let your gaze wander the eerie beauty of the caldera.

Imerovigli Santorini

Imerovigli occupies the most privileged position and has the most breathtaking views of the caldera and Thirasia. It is famous for its luxurious apartments that offer their guests a “natural balcony” at the caldera, calm atmosphere and highly relaxing scenery.

Confetti dessert boutique, 2 minutes away from the central square of Imerovigli, welcomes you for the perfect start or a sweet epilogue of your day offering the most delicious breakfast/brunch options and the most unique desserts and gelato on the island.

Akrotiri Santorini

You can visit the greatest archaeological discovery in the Eastern Mediterranean in Akrotiri, a picturesque village in the southwestern part of the island, about 10 km from Fira. The major attraction here is the prehistoric settlement first inhabited around 4500 BC, that came to light after the systematic excavations which began in 1967.

Since last year the archaeological site has been upgraded and covered, attracting thousands of visitors. Do not miss the opportunity to visit one of Greece’s most important historical attractions and wander through the site of an ancient city which seems to be still alive.